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I purchased a home and sold my home through Holly.

When I was purchasing a home, Holly would pre-screen the houses for us to verify the condition of the home and to verify that it had the more important features that we were wanting. She was always pro-active and was very patient with us when we were trying to decide on house. She ALWAYS called us back when we had questions.

Melody Becker

Holly is probably one of the greatest real estate agents we've ever worked with.

She's always punctual and always in a bright mood! Buying a house isn't an easy process, especially when you dream of a big house and end up with a smaller house for cost savings. But throughout all, we have been very pleased with Holly's services. She was very informative and very proactive when it came to buying houses, as well as having a sense of humor to lighten the mood. Thank you for bearing patience with us as we looked through many houses and eventually found the one we really liked! :)

Moe Sabawi

Holly’s mission as my realtor was not an easy assignment.

I was truly looking for a realtor that not only knew the area, but understood and respected my requirements. Since we had not personally met, it was critical that Holly listen, evaluate and communicate clearly and frequently. She set up a personal website with homes that met the “must haves” and for several weeks Holly and I reviewed the list nightly. After selecting the top contenders, I flew to the area to meet Holly and to tour the homes. Holly added a home to the tour because she believed that this house not only met the criteria, there was room to negotiate that asking price. And today I am living in that home because of Holly’s keen perception, champion negotiating skills and knowledge of real estate including rental agreements (which at one point was key in our contract offer). Her whole team kicked into gear to make my out-of-state move run smooth. So I highly recommend Holly Brink because she is professional, skilled, energetic, responsive, positive and a masterful contract negotiator. What a powerful combination!

DJ Christensen

Holly is the realtor you want on your side/in your corner.

She puts the PRO in professionalism. Her attentiveness was more than we could ask for. She was always there willing to assist at the drop of a dime. She knew exactly how to meet all of our needs and then some. Thanks for everything Holly! You're amazing!

Quia Giles

Holly did an excellent job in helping us sell our home and buying our new house.

Thanks a lot. She answered our questions and responded very quickly. She showed us houses that we wanted to look at, gave us tips and ideas on what can be changed. - review on posted Zillow.com

Denise Loring - Spencer, IA

Holly was our agent through three separate real estate transactions in 2015 and we would recommend her services.

She is responsive, friendly, patient and thorough in her support of your transaction. We were picky buyers considering the scope of the transaction and she supported us with all our concerns and questions throughout each of the transactions.

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"Holly was extremely knowledgeable and made the buying and selling process a breeze. She walked us through the sale of our house with specific recommendations, as well as giving us a suggested price point ... more "
by JordanGowing
"Very easy to work with made sure to find out info that we needed was very prompt and keep supplying us with houses she keep in contact with us throight the process and helped us find the perfect house more "
by visablebob
"Holly did a excellent job in helping us sell our home and buying our new house. Thanks a lot. She answered our questions and responded very quickly. She showed us houses that we wanted to look at gave ... more "
by dlloring1

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